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A Sicilian has come to Singapore to start a family and has brought his 50 year old lievito madre (wild yeast culture) with him…

…to make some focaccia!!!

And you, what are you looking for?

I want to…

…eat focacciaeat focaccia
Hungry, want to feed the family?
Here we are.
…enjoy focaccia at my eventfocaccia party
Poolside party, BBQ, movie night, picnic?
Leave it to us.
…cater focaccia at my officecater focaccia
Breakfast, lunch, happy hour, tea break?
We’ve got it covered.

Any time is focaccia time!!!

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Experience South Italy

Light, fluffy and chewy – lots of kneading by hand
Large holes that trap aroma – high hydration rustic dough
Complex flavours – slow and long natural fermentation with lievito madre
Crisp crust – high-protein semola rimacinata and attentive baking
Unique tastes – simple and quality ingredients

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Connect with us

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We want to improve!!!

Ask us anything and tell us how we can serve you better

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