otiveiL – Lievito spelt backwards. Everything started because we wanted to share the goodness of the lievito madre (wild yeast culture) handed down by Peppe’s grandparents in Caltagirone, Sicily – with the people around us in our new home across the globe. This desire to spread a little piece of our heritage took the form of focaccia.

tomato olive bruschetta bread otiveil traditional

But beyond focaccia, we are always in search of new ways to reduce the distance the separates people, connect distant communities, and transcend the boundaries of time. So we shuttle across continents, from uncontaminated countrysides to the hustle and bustle amongst skyscrapers, in a bid to combine nostalgia for simplicity and the hunger to keep doing better.


Every adventure we have undertaken since embarking on a life together has been based on whether it would make our hearts sing. Whatever we propose to the people we care for (ie. you) is another chapter in our book of adventures, and the same rule applies. Each step is about exploring and learning, in order to preserve and make the earth’s beauty and diversity accessible, whether through scrumptious dishes, carefully selected raw ingredients or extraordinary experiences.

Peppe & Fawn


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